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Lots of guys that have traveled to Korea return talking non-stop about the Korean gay men that they met there and spent time together. It seems that these men know all the best places that a tourist would love. This includes the best clubs, restaurants, parks, swimming venues and more. Anything that you want to do and anywhere you would like to visit. They will also know the best hotels to stay in, although that might come with some strings. Of course, you might just enjoy their conditions for a great hotel recommendation. It probably will not even matter if you end up footing the bill because you can be guaranteed the night of your life. In fact, you may find yourself having breakfast or brunch with your Korean companion after a rather passionate night spent together. The main point is to make sure that you hook up with at least one Korean gay man while you are there. It is an experience that you will not forget.

There might be a few things about us you have already figured out by the name of our website Korean Gay Men. In general I find Asian men to be a huge turn on. These handsome men attract me and it does not matter if they are gay or straight. Korean Gay Men might just be the hottest men in all of Asia and maybe the entire world. Great bodies, a nice blend of masculine and feminine, and they have so many fetishes! I have been in the micro swimwear business for years and Korean Gay Men and Korean straight men are some of our very best customers and so of my best friends here in the states. My boyfriend is Korean! I have found that many people from other parts of the world think that Asian men are sexually conservative, but that could not be further from the truth. I have found a willingness to be sexually open and interested in trying new things with many Korean men. They love to play. The love wearing the little fetish spandex designs that I am into and they love the cock displays that I enjoy seeing men wearing along with wearing them myself.

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